Past Events

Project Pipeline - 2019

Project Pipeline KC is a summer program designed to inspire the younger members of our community to make changes in their built environment through problem solving and design thinking. Check out the video to take a closer look at this program and the impact it is having on students in Missouri school districts.

Hip Hop Architecture - 2019

Hip Hop Architecture Camps are geared towards students between the ages of 10 and 17, introducing students to architecture and urban planning by analyzing the structure and rhythm of rap music. By demonstrating a connection between music and architecture, the program hopes to ignite a design flair in young students, helping to create a future where local communities have a stronger input into how urban areas are shaped or altered. NOMAKC hosted this camp for Kansas City youth with some creative outcomes.

The Power + Impact of Words Lecture - 2020

We kicked off 2020 by presenting our first lecture & educational event for professionals on January 21st!


For those unable to attend, the session centered around a controversial "master race" comment from a Kansas city official to a city planner.


The city planner involved,Triveece Penelton, discussed the experience and unpacked the gravity and result of the statements. The session also touched on media treatment, coordination, branding, and advocacy in the age of social media, viral video, and click-bait.


According to Triveece, "NOMAKC is by far the most diverse group with whom (she's) had the opportunity to share the session", therefore we hope the knowledge imparted from this lecture resonated with participants and left them with more considerations for their daily interaction with others.