ADVOCACY: As a member or employee of our design profession, have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Are you the “Lonely Only” in your firm or ever felt like you must work twice or three times harder, without mistakes, to prove your worth just to make half as much? The NOMAKC Advocacy Committee serves as a platform to raise awareness and tackle the issues that minority design professionals must contend with daily.

By learning to talk comfortably about the uncomfortable topics of our time, we then begin to understand the problems surrounding race, gender, ignorance, culture, why people react as they do and what to do about it. NOMAKC is dedicated to advocacy as it relates to NOMAKC’s mission statement and finding a way to provide meaningful resolution to the very issues that have created a need for NOMA.


FINANCE: The Finance Committee's mission is to maintain accurate and complete financial records for NOMAKC. The committee will present accurate, timely and meaningful financial statements to the board as well as safeguard the organization's assets. Committee members have a fiduciary duty to ensure the financial matters are in line with NOMAKC's overall mission.


SPECIAL PROJECTS: The Special Projects committee needs special people to help organize and execute very special projects for the KC community! That's you!


NOMAKC Special Projects committee organizes and executes a wide variety of highly interactive Special Projects related to research, engagement, architecture and design, and leadership—while staying true to NOMAKC's mission.


MEMBERSHIP: The Mission of the Membership Committee promote all aspects of membership, including member benefits, retention and education, recruiting new members, and promoting NOMA KC's goal and mission within our local design community. The committee develops new member recruitment ideas and events throughout the year and coordinate with the Executive Committee on membership goals.


EDUCATION AND OUTREACH: The Education and Outreach Committee’s (EOC) mission is to reinforce the chapters focus on championing diversity, inclusion and equity and applying it to the youth of the Kansas City. The committee will strive to target areas of the community that may be under served and expose area youth to the design and construction field. We will build and reinforce connections with S.T.E.A.M. scholars and post-secondary institutions in our area. It is our desire to be the pillar that supports the change within the realm of design that we as professionals see a need for.


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