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Joel Mbala-Nkanga

Firm: Populous

Title: Architecture Designer

Alma mater: University of Oregon (M.Arch), Adrian College B.S. in Interior Design

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

3_9_2020_Joel_Marketing - Google Drive (

Why did you go into your chosen field?

I grew up playing video games, watching anime and drawing, so I’ve always been interested in art and design. Architecture combined my love for art and design with my passion to serve people.

What gives you motivation to progress your design career?

Working on big projects that bring communities together and being the best at what I do.


What is your most meaningful project, and why?

Darrell K. Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium South End Zone, University of Texas, Austin, TX-  In my young career, it’s the most high profile project being built that I got to contribute to.

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