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Phil Dougherty

Firm: Slaggie Architects

Title: Project Manager

Alma mater: University of Kansas

Hometown: Leavenworth, KS


Why did you go into your chosen field?


​I loved to draw and design stuff!

What gives you motivation to progress your design career?


Those who have doubted me.

What is your most meaningful project, and why?

Gerald J. Ford Football Stadium; Southern Methodist University; Dallas, Texas, March 1999 – August 2000: This was my first project as an On-site Project Representative, serving as an Assistant Construction Administrator for the Client, SMU. I served as the eyes and ears for the project throughout the construction process which required me to live in Dallas to work on-site for 18 months.

Qualifications: Required to be licensed, have good people skills, manage communications between the University and the General Contractor, and be willing to help resolve problems on the spot. I learned very quickly in real-time how to deal with conflict resolution and how to improve documentation so it’s easier to build the next time. I learned so much about accountability; How to try to defuse problems in the field; Project cost and their impact towards my Client; Trying to make everyone happy and most of all; How to LISTEN.


I also learned a lot of expletives I had never heard of! The challenges of this project made me a better architect, as well as a better husband and father as my family lived with me as well. The lessons learned in transforming drawings to reality was invaluable. I made a lot of life-long friends who I still talk to today, twenty years later, and I will always remember a construction worker who lost his life on this project, and never got to see his first child born. This job earned me a promotion upon my return home and many discussions with staff on how “Not” to draw a detail if you cannot rationalize how to build it yourself.

Gerald J. Ford Stadium.png
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