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Congratulations to the 2021 NOMAKC Scholarship Winners!

The NOMAKC 2021/2022 Scholarship is designed to promote the benefit and educational value of diversity throughout the student body in Kansas and Missouri design schools. The scholarship provides financial assistance to NOMA student members who embody the mission of NOMAKC.


The inaugural year awarded three recipients:

Monica Can            Jennifer Jurado            Ana Muhlen


Honorable Mention: Abraham Simon


See the selection committee comments and work samples below:

Monica Can | University of Kansas 2022

"Your commitment to equity by eliminating bias both in and outside of the design industry is commendable. The jurors are confident that your service and leadership will catalyze future change."


Work Samples below:

(Left) Publication design

(Right) Mobile app design for minimalists

01 Anh Can_KU22.jpg
Jennifer Jurado | University of Kansas 2023

"Your compelling story echoes with many first generation students' challenges and triumphs - the jurors respect your authenticity and perseverance."


Work Samples below:

Armourdale Art Hub & Garden

01 Jennifer Jurado_KU23_edited.jpg
Jennifer Works1.png
jennifer works2.JPG
Ana Muhlen | University of Kansas 2023

"Your sincerity shines throughout the essay, reassuring the jurors of our collective effort towards a more diverse, equitable, and compassionate world."


Work Samples below:

Summit Health Club

01 Ana Muhlen_KU23t_edited.jpg
Ana works1.jpg
Ana works2.jpg
Abraham Simon | University of Kansas 2024

"The jurors value your real world connection to business and ethical praxis and urge you to continue asking big questions."


Work Samples below:

Kaw Point Arts Centers

02 honorable mention_Abraham Simon_KU24.jpg
Abraham works1.JPG
Abraham works2.JPG
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